Yesterday we started our trip from TN to Chicago.  The purpose is to do IVF#7 and see friends and family.  We had to fly Southwest which meant a three hour drive to the airport.   We got to the counter and were told, and not very nicely, that we had to have proof of age or buy a ticket for Daniel.  Proof of age?  Like a driver’s license?  This is an ironclad rule for Southwest when they are usually so reasonable.  Had to call my pediatrician’s office and have them fax something to prove his age.

Had a not terrible but hot and exhausting flight followed by a hot and exhausting trek to the rental car complete with figuring out how to put the car seat in.  Car seat?  Oh yes.  We checked car seat, pack&play, and big suitcases.  All the luggage arrived so I can’t complain about that.

This followed by long, hot, slow drive from airport to Rockford, where we will visit family.  Traffic is incredible.  No question why we left.

All yesterday and today my coordinator was trying to find a clinic where I could get one lousy ultrasound and one blood draw to re-check my estradiol since the Bad Clinic, y’know.  Turns out no clinic out of about 10 within 30 miles will do it.  I decided to go to my own clinic’s west branch, which would be a schlep and a half.

I just found out they are – wait for it – closed on Thursdays.

So I have to drive to my regular Chicago clinic to get one more check.  76 miles one way.  Mostly because that ASRM-accredited clinic back in TN either doesn’t know, or did not care enough to read an ultrasound and communicate professionally with my clinic.  I’d be in a better mood about it except yesterday was a long day of travel, about 6 hours in the car total.  And Monday we drove home from an earlier trip, 9 hours, with a stomach bug, misery, exhaustion, and pulling over to barf.

Here’s where i usually put the “but I’m so lucky to have embryos, husband, insurance, blah blah blah.”  And I am.  But this still sucks.