Obviously I am a drama queen and yet at least some of you love me anyway.

The nurse at my psychiatrist’s office, who is obviously used to dealing with unhinged people, quickly located some of my med* at a Walgreen’s not too far away and I skedaddled up there & got it.

I feel so grownup having both a psychiatrist and a therapist, by the way.  It’s like those people who have not just a hair “stylist” but also a “colorist.”  I personally let one guy do everything that grows from the top of my head, but I guess I’m old school.

So, obviously I am relieved and happy to have the whole psychiatristevaluation-prescription waitingwaitingwaiting part of the drama over.  Now I can enter into the “just what is this drug doing to me, anyway” part, and since I was gung ho about taking the medicine —

hm maybe that’s what the waiting was for?

— now I see only good things.  It’s only day 2 and highly unlikely that any of this is real, but I feel like I’m having one of my “good days.”  Good days are when the sun shines, I get enough sleep, I have things to do that I am happy about (like a lunch with a friend), I haven’t overeaten for days and I don’t want to right now, I’m actually interested in doing my workout and working hard, my body doesn’t remind me that we’re carrying many extra pounds, my house is clean, and the Democrats control Congress.

So if this were an organic and naturally occurring “good day” many of those things would need to be true, but only some are.  I have no plans today with friends,  I think it’s going to rain, I have overeaten or eaten things that disgust me the last few days, and the Democrats are probably going to screw things up anyway.  But I feel kind of like I’ve had some new, excellent caffeine, an Acapulco Gold of caffeine that makes me feel peppy and optimistic but won’t give me stomach cramps later.

I hope.

So who knows.  If this is placebo, that rocks too.  I’ll take what I can get.

*The drug is Aplenzin, and what is up with the names of drugs anyway? It is apparently the exact same chemical as Wellb@trin but with a better “delivery system,” i.e., uh, “pill.”