1.  Change stinky baby.

2. Realizing that only full immersion will clean the epic poop, place naked semiclean baby on the floor in order to run into the bathroom and start the bathwater which takes 3-5 minutes to get warm.  Pray that baby doesn’t pee.

3.  Make mental note to clean baby pee from carpet.

4.  Bathe stinky baby.  Make a mental note to clean half the bathroom since baby has now discovered splashing.  Try not to re-injure lower back.

5.  Make a mental note to stretch and ice injured back.

6. Dress clean-smelling baby which activity now resembles baby professional wrestling.

7. Locate the new cat barf spots that I heard the cat barfing last night.

8.  Try to sneak the cat’s antidepressant into her food without her knowing.  Try again.

9. Resist temptation to take the cat’s antidepressant myself.

10. Laundry

11. Dishes

12. Celebrate baby’s first ever sleeping past 6 a.m. 🙂