I spend waaaay too much time commenting on Facebook re: the Health Care Thing.  There is so SO much misinformation out there I could throw up.  One piece of the misinformation is how terrible and awful the health care is in places like the U.K., where you have (gasp) “government-run health care.”  Certain factions here in the U.S. are telling us how terrible it is, how miserable y’all are, how you regularly die while waiting to see your substandard physicians in your grimy and depressing public health offices.  It’s SUCH United States rah-rah American arrogance and so insulting to you, our international friends.  Aside from being, well, inaccurate.

So I have asked anyone who lives outside the U.S., who feels like it, to blog about your own health care experiences.  Please tell the Americans (or at least the ones I know) how it has been for you.  Help the Americans who believe ours is “the best health care system on earth” to know how it is for you.

If you plan to blog on the subject, please leave your info in the comments and we’ll know to come, read and link to your blogs.