So here I am at WordPress, more about that in a minute.  The new header is by Calliope.

I’m making a few changes and revealing some things.

The first is that Joy is not my real name.  (gasp).  In my blogging I previously relied on two layers of security.  The first was that I was blogging under a pseudonym, as many do.  The second was that I did not tell many people in my Real Life (and I do have one) about this blog.  That way I could say whatever I wanted and no one could connect the blog with my real-life self.

I’m not crazy about this approach and I’m going to relax the security a bit.  I’ve never enjoyed all this anonymity, but my husband felt more comfortable with it than I did and it was necessary.  The main reason for the anonymity was that we wanted to keep some parts of our infertility procedures private.  But now that those procedures are over, the need for privacy has been met.  I decided to move the blog to WordPress because I can password protect some posts, but I don’t have to protect the whole blog.  Going forward there will probably not be any passworded posts.

So, I am now willing to let people in my real life know that this is my blog.  This means that, if you know me in real life you are free to mention the blog to anyone who knows about it or not.  I always thought that the identity thing wasn’t a big deal because, frankly, there are so few of you reading in the first place.  There may be also some of you who figured out the identity thing a long time ago and don’t really give a hoot who the person who writes this blog really is.

I won’t be revealing my real name here, and I hope anyone who knows me doesn’t reveal it either.  But it will be a bit more of an open secret to those who know me in real life.

Anyone who is new to this blog can go back and read up on our infertility story, with a few holes.  If you want to get the password to read the protected posts, email me for it.