I am wearing this fabulous baby sling from Hotslings right now.  With my baby in it; I am typing with two hands. 

Note: this is NOT a picture of me.  I am neither dark, slender, nor possessed of this particular baby.

Anyway, this sling is so fantastic.  I can walk around the house when the baby is "hold me for no reason" fussy.  I can sit & work at the computer (obviously).  I can eat, and heaven knows I NEED to.  I don't need to leave the "sorry I did this with one hand and can't clean up the clothes on the floor / spills on the counter / trash near but not in the trashcan / et cetera" trail of messiness that carrying the baby around all day causes.  

I still leave the messes half the time, I just don't need to. 

And can I just say that porky old Daniel is now just at or over nine pounds and I can feel it as I lug his cute little Buddha-faced self around.  Heaven help me when he gets to be 20 or 30 lbs. but more about that later.

Instead of dreading our trips out, which I am starting to get the hang of, I look forward to walking around the grocery store with him peeping out of the sling in all his cuteness.  There is a whole blog post that needs to be written about how much attention I get, or rather he gets, when we are out.  I love it even as it adds to my survivor guilt.  People seem to act like I actually did something to merit this incredibly cute baby when actually God just dropped him into our lives for no good reason (other than never-ending, whiny persistence). 

Anyway. Love.The.Sling.  Anyone I know who is pregnant is so getting one of these for a shower gift.