Not much to say.  I'm halfway between 38 and 39 weeks.  I think the baby is still in the right position.  Last night I swear he karate kicked me in the HEART.  It was excruciating but nobody had to CPR me.  I'm sure he'll do that for the rest of my life, but not literally.

My nausea was gone for a few days and I went without my nausea medicine for the first time in months.  Today it's back and I don't know if going without the medicine made it come back or what. 

My world has telescoped into a tiny tiny place.  I live in the nursery because the recliner is one of the only places I can be comfortable.  Since the nursery is right outside my bedroom, I can easily stumble a few steps in there for extra naps.  We're going into week 3 of the Broken Dishwasher due to the extreme suckery of 2-10 Home Warranty Company (2-10 Home Warranty, 2-10, 2-10 Warranty, for anyone googling them; they do in fact suck).  We may get a dishwasher before the baby comes; we may just throw all of our dishes off a cliff.  I do best eating breakfast and lunch only, since the night reflux can be relentless even 10 hours after eating, so not having a dishwasher is … whatever.  I'm all about the paper plates.  My poor husband is doing dishes by hand in addition to just about everything else around here.

We're working together on our hypnosis-for-childbirth prep, which is going well.  I have a sort of mostly positive outlook about The Birth.  If it goes south and I end up hospitalized, well whatever.  I can't worry about that.  I am more interested in the relative nirvana that awaits, of being un-pregnant; being able to bend, breathe, eat, sleep, sit, stand, and walk.

I'm actually getting myself into the pool 2x-3x a week and walking / swimming, which is great for me.  I wouldn't do it except my husband goes to the same gym to rehab his old sprained ankle (parting gift from Chicago) and so I go along.  I'm happy once I get into the water.  My hairdresser asked me if I was "doing these" and proceeded to model a deep, balletic squat that I could never, ever do at any point in my life. 

I said brightly "Sure!"  Holy s***, people.  Give it a rest.

People are also starting to press for my EXACT due date and may not be put off by my "mid-February" vagueness much longer but I'm not giving it up.  Just so they can say "When's that baby coming?"  or "are you going to be induced?" or "I remember when my sister in law was late and blah blah BLAHH…"

I'm so uncomfortable and grumpy.  The longed-for head-down position of the baby can be excruciating on my nether regions… maybe it's the fibroid or maybe that's just the way it is. 

While I'm so happy we did the version, and so grateful that it worked so well, their attempt to put a big IV needle into the back of my left hand has done something painful to me.  I feel that needle all the time though it is long gone, and it can be just as excruciating as when they were shoving it in.  Maybe some nerve damage?  It's odd and it sucks.  Brushing the back of my hand against a pillow can make me cry. Carpal tunnel is weird that way, lots of ghost pain.  People who have it for real because of repetitive motion have my respect and sympathy.

Bitch bitch bitch.  The nice thing is being so uncomfortable just chips away at my nervousness about the birthing and I'm more and more ready to just get it over with already.  Not yet – we do want him to cook until 40 weeks – I guess – we'll see.