After several days of feeling pretty good, a whirlwind wonderful trip to Chicago complete with baby shower and total friend-love-overload, I am back in Tennessee where it is NOT 10 degrees, nor snowing buckets.  I went to my Centering Pregnancy group today feeling sort of confident and okay, and the midwife tells me my baby is not head-down as we thought before.  I was happy to get an ultrasound to check it out, and the baby is in a transverse lie, across the uterus with neither head nor feet down.

This is where he had been for a long time, and then when the midwife said she thought he was head down I thought he was just being a suck-up, getting himself into position before it was absolutely necessary.  Now I am almost 36 weeks, and I got a phone call from the midwife saying she wanted to go over the "abnormal finding" with me.


All the talk about the baby's position is just for fun in the earlier weeks but now, as he gets bigger, he might get into some bad position and not be able to get himself out of it.  And it turns out transverse is a baaad position – it's a definite C-section if we can't get him to move.

Of course 36 weeks is too early to freak out, a lot of babies move just before labor starts and apparently something like 80% of transverse babies move out of it before 37 or 38 weeks.  But this is the first time in a long time that C-section has been mentioned in connection with me, and I'm not happy about it.

There are lots of natural ways to get the baby to move.  I read some articles about this somewhere and I was all "so not relevant for ME, ha ha, my baby is all ready to go with his head down…" and now I can't remember where I read this stuff.  Sigh.  A lot of the things / positions I need to get myself into  to get him to move are easy but some are seriously upside down, which is absolutely NOT reflux-friendly.  I should just stop eating for a few days… that doesn't exactly cure my reflux but it helps.

This isn't a huge deal.  Chances are he will get with the program and let his heavy old head just move on down to where it is supposed to be. 

If he doesn't then there is a scary, doctor's office procedure called external cephalic version where the doctor manually moves him.  It takes drugs, one to relax my uterus and another to anesthetize – possibly an epidural.  There are risks.  I don't want to do this but I guess I will if I have to, or if someone convinces me that I have to.  I think having an epidural might be an interesting way of finding out about it – how does it feel, this thing I am so determined to avoid? 

It's too bad… I had gotten through a few minor freakouts, traveled on an AIRPLANE!  while PREGNANT! SO RISKY!  and got away with it!  Another girl in my pregnancy group went into pre-term labor and had lots of drama (her baby is fine) which means that the statistical chance of that happening to me is even less… at least the way I interpret statistics…now I have this new thing.  But, the baby is in the ballpark of growth, and has not been secretly developing a cleft palate or running out of amniotic fluid or the other things I was worrying about, so that's good.

Tomorrow I will start doing lots of upside-downy positions and we will hope things are better by next week.