Not a lot to say lately.  I am 30 weeks tomorrow, which seems like a milestone just because 30 sounds farther-along than 20-something.

I found out that my baby is positioned head-down, which is good and if he doesn't change positions then we don't have to worry about him being breech.  The midwife was able to grab my belly and feel where he is even through my, uh, blubber.

I'm feeling great about birth and all that Natural Stuff that we are planning.  Every now and then I freak out but that's usually brought on by things like the Kick Count Conversation, where I am urged to keep track of my baby's movements so I can make sure and freak out when they stop.  Fantastic!  Fortunately he moves A LOT so I hardly have time to worry.

I'm still nauseated and I still get heartburn like it's my job.  I'm also tired and emotional.  The emotional is some hormones and some "HOLY CRAP we're having a baby soon."  I find that when I skip my nap, like I wisely did today for no good reason, I descend to a state of wretched grumpy tiredness from which there is no escape.

I'm starting to be instantly noticed as a pregnant woman.  Last weekend at Panera Bread a woman took one look at my belly and let me cut in front of her in the soda line.  I had a brief moment of feeling guilty and then decided to enjoy it (with a silent apology to any infertile women who had to witness that).  I had some fun at the liquor store when buying sherry and wine (for cooking, people, relax) by telling the clerk the sherry was "the baby's favorite." 

Well, I thought it was funny.

I had a tough night last night due to not quite being able to get a deep breath and restless legs.  UGH.  Lying down, like eating, seems to be one of those things that is incompatible with pregnancy.

Of course none of this matters since we're actually having a baby and still can't quite believe it.  I am prone to embarrassing moments of bonding featuring me sobbing to my husband "I just looove the baby!" This is wonderful except I will probably have one of those internet dating moments when the baby finally shows up, as in "Oh. That's what you look like?"  But… who cares.

I'm feeling more edgy and less tolerant of advice and of the huge controversy that seems to surround EVERY FREAKING DECISION that we will make.  I found a chiropractor who gave me a folder with "pregnancy information" including the 4th food diary I've been given, the 3rd set of pregnancy exercises, an anti-vaccination article and an article about how terrible ultrasound is for the baby.


We still have made zero progress with names.  I of course have become obsessed with a certain name that I think is perfect in every way and that my husband hates.  This is obviously a stupid thing to do since the chances of my husband changing his mind are not good.  We decided that it's okay to wait until we see the baby but I'm afraid my husband is planning to wait until the baby can tell us his name.