I am 28 weeks tomorrow.  According to the books, my baby has an "excellent" chance of surviving if he decided to move out and get his own place, because 28 weeks is some kind of benchmark for lung development.  Obviously that is a terrifying prospect but I don't have any reason to worry about it.  Beyond the usual.

28 weeks = 7 months but I'm realizing that I'm just at the beginning of the 7th month, that there are three full months left.  Sometimes I think I'm not very big right now at all, and that makes sense since I have three full months left. 

I'm in a good stretch of days with less nausea.  As part of our Hypnobabies prep for birth, I got a special self-hypnosis script for nausea and another for sleep.  Both are working well.  It sounds insane that I can put my fingers in a certain position and my nausea will go away, because that's what the lady on the CD said would happen.  Or that I can mutter the special sleep incantation "Peaceful sleep now…" and go back to sleep immediately, no matter how many times I am awakened during the night.  But I do. 

It does make sense if you think about the negative side of what our minds can do.  I don't know about you, but I have made myself physically sick with stress, worry, and anger at various points in my life.  So why not make myself physically well for a change?  I like to think that the hypnosis is about deciding a thing, like "Pregnancy is healthy and safe for me and my baby," and then putting it in a place in my brain – a high shelf, perhaps – where the cares of the day and the ever-present worry can't negate it.

I still get heartburn that I can't even believe, and it's cost me at least as many meals as the nausea does, and I also get hiccups several times a day.  The baby seems to get hiccups too, and I can't decide if I get them from him or he gets them from me.  During the "timing years" when we were TTC with fertility monitor and I knew exactly when I was ovulating, I noticed that hiccups coincided with ovulation time for me.  So I guess there's a hormonal angle.  [hic!]  They're loud and unpredictable and embarrassing.

I don't know what else I should be doing.  I'm more tired now and so I don't do much, but then I wonder if I should be out doing things that I won't be able to do once the baby comes.  I either don't know what those things are, or I don't feel like doing them.  I suppose being able to go to the grocery store when I feel like it, or watching five episodes of "Army Wives" in a row, qualify.  I don't feel "nesty," and I don't care to paint the baby's room or fret about matching sheets & drapes.  I do feel like I should be freezing food, though, so I suppose I'll get on that.

I'm working on migrating this blog to a different platform.  There are a lot of posts, about how this baby and his siblings in the freezer came to be, that will be passworded for various reasons.  This will enable me to open my blog to a wider audience and still keep some things confidential. 

It's all kind of boring for now.  But boring is good.