Is it scary, or flattering, that when I Google things like "over 40 mom" I get so much porn?  Hot moms over 40, naked moms over 40 etc. 

HA now I've drawn porn-seeking Googlers to this joyless, porn-free site.  Sucks to get a bunch of irrelevant garbage in your Google search, doesn't it?

I have not much else to report.  After all the election excitement I'm feeling the letdown.  Later fall in East Tennessee is just as beautiful as early fall.  Ho hum.  My days are a mix of sickness, boredom, intermittent fear, wondering how I'm supposed to breathe at 9 months if it's this hard now, feeling like I'm at 26 weeks forever, reading crunchy granola birthing books, and occasionally weeping with joy and gratitude.

The biggest news I can come up with is that I tried the papaya enzymes for heartburn and they work really well.  There is, of course, a bunch of scary s*** out there about how green papaya can be a contraceptive and cause all kinds of terrible things, but ripe papaya is fine.  God must think that is hysterically funny but I am not amused. 

The heartburn is really impressive.  The best time for me to have dinner is at about 2 p.m., and sometimes that's also the earliest time I feel like eating anything.  I also have developed a loud, uncontrollable drunk hiccup that confirms my friend C's assertion that in pregnancy there is "no dignity."  I accidentally ripped a loud, basso profundo burp in church yesterday – fortunately before the service had started.  Sigh.

We took a trip to the cloth diaper store over the weekend and that was fun and enlightening.  The new cloth diapers are not like the old square pieces of cloth that have to be folded and safety-pinned and don't look like they would work at all (our poor mothers!).  The new diapers are contoured like the plastic disposables, have attached waterproof outer parts, and go on with velcro.  They're fabulous and horribly expensive.  It will cost about $700 to get us up and running with enough diapers so that I only have to do laundry every 1.5 days, but then after that (theoretically) we're sort of done buying diapers and can spend the rest of what we would have spent on disposables to pay the water / electric bill for all that laundering. 

They come in "boy colors" and "girl colors" and honestly, do people really care what color the baby is wearing on his behind?  He'll have clothes on over them too, which I'm sure will be relentlessly plaid and patterned with trucks, trains, and lizards, based on what I see in the stores. I guess if I'm wheeling him around and countless grocery store busybodies say "what a pretty little girl! Isn't she precious?" I might get annoyed… but I'll probably be too busy cringing, my shoulders up around my ears, waiting for some nasty comment about my age.

The diaper store lady gave us a thorough introduction to the different products, which all have names like Fuzzy Bunz and Happy Heinies.  She is fabulous: she has triplets, and also runs the diaper store which includes a thriving online business, and so I can hardly complain about washing a few diapers for my one baby.  At least not around her