I'm done, after this.  I will talk about something else. 

But my conclusion is that this thing works.  Since the nausea has been less, I've had opportunity to notice the difference between nausea and heartburn / reflux.  The reflux can be a show-stopper and isn't quite as bad as the nausea, and Morningwell doesn't really do much for that.  But I'm not complaining (very much).  With reflux I can at least eat something that is halfway good for me, just not very much of it.  And for me that isn't a bad thing anyway.

I had some challenges with the Morningwell "programme" because I was on an outlet mall expedition and everywhere I went there was already music playing.  Every store in the mall, the restaurant, the car.  I just left it playing, hoping my ears would hear it before they heard anything else, and occasionally turned it up a bit louder if I didn't need to talk to anyone.  I wasn't sure if it would be as effective but it was effective enough.  I had a good day, ate at least a little bit of a good lunch, and didn't feel that depressed feeling I get when the nausea crowds out any positive thought or activity.

So that's my conclusion.  When my nausea is 7 or 8 out of 10, Morningwell can dial it down to about 3.  Since I've been nauseated for five solid months now, that's basically my baseline and I can live with it.  It doesn't get rid of it completely, but it's a vast improvement.  I am also happy that the improvement usually lasts into the afternoon and evening, when I generally start to feel worse, even when I stop listening to the CD.

Yesterday I went on a day-long shopping trip with my neighbors.  It was an eye-opener to see how much gear and effort goes into taking a 16-month-old anywhere and this particular toddler is mellower than most I have known.  He was pretty happy being in the stroller for about three hours after lunch and I was impressed.  But oh, the sippy cups, the changes of clothes, the snacks, the diapers, the wipes, the baby food, the toys.  The gigantic stroller that was probably worth the money and effort. 

It was nice, though.  Between the toddler, the sort-of stressed mom and grandma and pregnant me, we were all on the same page with regard to pace, energy levels, and quality of sleep we've been getting lately.  It's like finding the right running partner – priceless.  We left the house at 8 am, were ready for lunch at 11, and were proud of ourselves for making it until 3:00 (and got home completely exhausted).

Pace is something I understand, because pace is what made my first marathon possible, overweight and 38 as I was the first time.  It's easy to freak out about running all 26 miles in one day, unless I know how slowly I can run them, one at a time.  It's scary to think about all that goes into dealing with the newborn or the toddler who is too big to lift but too young to walk more than ten feet in a straight line – but we'll just take it one day (one hour) at a time.