Yesterday turned out to be a good day.  I listened to the CD some in the morning and then for a long stretch in the afternoon while I went grocery shopping.  I had a good evening, was able to eat dinner and felt good when I went to bed. 

I got a message from Walgreen's that my Zofran prescription was ready, and it turns out somebody from my midwife's office called it in on Friday.  Nobody told me.  So I was able to take one yesterday afternoon.  My opinion of the Zofran is that it helps – some.  I'm afraid to go without it completely to see just how much it helps, so I figure it does.

Today I woke up feeling nauseated, about a 6 on a scale of 10.  I didn't think I would since last night was so good, but whatever.  I have listened to the CD for a few hours off and on this morning.  One of the things about listening to this thing is that I can keep it at a really low volume, but I can't really listen to anything else. 

One of my least favorite pregnant things is that I get sleepy about an hour and a half after I get up and for some reason I just think it would be ridiculous to take a nap so early in the day.  So I don't.  I don't know how people with real jobs or important things to do handle being pregnant.  I suppose it's a good thing that I have neverending nausea, rather than somebody who actually does an important job.  I dread pregnancy #2, if there is one, because if I feel like this it'll be really hard.  I understand that every pregnancy is different (I might feel even WORSE ha ha ha). 

Anyway, I think the CD is helping a little bit now and hopefully will improve the end of the day as it has done Sunday and Saturday. 

I suppose this is boring for y'all who aren't pregnant or didn't get too sick when you were, but if you ever run across anyone who needs this product at least you'll have heard of it.