Okay, our neighbor mowed our lawn

It was getting kinda tall, since I can't get any "lawn care companies" to call me back.  Several of said "lawn care companies" were just a phone number and a name, like I was told to call someone named "Brent," as in "well, try Brent, he might go up 'ere," as if we live in an inaccessible Himalayan type of place.  Sigh.  Like many who I call here, "Brent" has no voicemail and probably no cellphone, and so after not being able to leave a message I moved on.

I'm starting to figure out that it's not that the calls I made weren't returned, they just weren't returned yet.  I'm saying this because a plumber who came out to give us an estimate on some gas line work two weeks ago just now called me back.  Since I must go to the laundromat until the gas lines are put in and the washer & dryer arrive, I want my gas lines as soon as possible.

Anyway, the lawn.  Our lawn is, well, big, and mostly uphill, and we are too broke to buy the ride-on tractor type of thing one would need to keep it mowed.  Hence my search for "lawn care" providers.  But on Saturday evening, I looked out the window and there was my neighbor, Lance, putting in about an hour of his precious weekend mowing our entire lawn.  He then came over with the edger thing and finished it up.  I was one part mortified but mostly amazed.  My husband ran out and thanked him and made sure to tell him that we are really trying hard to get a handle on the lawn care thing.

I'm now baking bread to take over there as a thank-you.  A big puffy loaf of yeast bread is my self-serving gift of choice: it says "thank you" as well as "yes, I can bake incredible yeast bread from scratch / by hand and no, I do not have a bread machine." 

I hope they aren't gluten-free.

I'm happy and nervous about the prospect of inching into relationship with our neighbors.  Happy they made the first move, nervous our countermove will be inappropriate.  But not responding to the lawn-mowing would be a grave error, I'm sure, so I think I'm in the ballpark with the bread thing.

Could be I'm over-thinking the whole making friends thing but I feel so out of place here, and out of practice; we have been friendly with other neighbors but never in an intentional, let's-have-dinner kind of way.  My natural introvertedness doesn't help, either.

In other news, you know this is an Ultrasound Week by my more frequent (but small) freakouts.  There is a lot of uterine activity for me to interpret.  There is a crampy feeling I get, particularly when or after being active; that was a little scary at first but I'm sure it's normal because it's mild and goes away.  Well, I tell myself it's normal and then I feel less freaked out. 

But lately there have been some other feelings.  Today I felt a definite poke and sometimes I feel a pulse that is faster than my own.  So that's all good. 

We have our 20-week scan on Thursday.