Today's impressive accomplishments:

I went to the gym I joined on Monday.  It's a "wellness center" connected with a local hospital, which means it has a rehab focus and is basically wall-to-wall old people.  This is fine with me, since my last gym was a college fitness facility.  Now instead of being one of the oldest and fattest, at this gym I feel young and pretty indeed.  Today I went to Aquacize, which lasts an hour and was a great, all-around workout.  Everyone in the class, which seemed to be about 20 grandmas and one man, was nice and chatty.  Don't underestimate the Aquacize – it kicked my butt.

I had contacted a few groups on, and a woman from one had contacted me because she lives near me.  After waffling for a few days I finally called her.  We chatted for a long time and she is taking me with her tomorrow to her moms' group, which is MOPS.  This will be better than playgroup because there is childcare and it will be about hanging out with all these moms, not moms with their kids.  MOPS is specifically for pregnant women as well as those with actual kids, so I belong.  (I still can't quite believe it).  It might be square and/or lame – there is a "craft project" and I'm a little "uh-oh" about that – but I'm pregnant and I want to ride all the rides. 

I found and signed up for prenatal yoga – I had looked high and low, thinking I might have to drive 20 miles, but what I found is right here in our little town.  Like my first MOPS group, it is tomorrow.

All of this happened against the backdrop of a relatively low-nausea day – and I'm wondering if the nice long workout has something to do with that? – and I'm going to conclude this really good day by cooking (and eating) veggies, brown rice and fish.   Woo hoo.