We moved to Tennessee.  That's the short version.  The longer version is we somehow got the last of our belongings packed into the 26' foot truck, we somehow borrowed enough money for a down payment and various other expenses even though we didn't sell any of our Chicago properties, and we somehow got ourselves, the 26' truck, and the kitty who was supposed to be sleeping from the drugs the vet gave me but wasn't, down to Tennessee.  The drive was sort of brutal since I was oh so sleepy and couldn't exactly jack up on caffeine.  I finally got through it with a whole lot of water and a few chocolate bars.  We closed on our house without incident and we somehow got all of our stuff moved in.

It's paradise.  The yard, the weather, the trees, the mountains.  The space. 

Yesterday I had my first appointment with the midwife.  There are not a lot of midwives here in East Tennessee.  I have picked out a freestanding birth center, and there is only one of those, because I'm leery of giving birth in the hospital what with the drugs and interventions and the cutting and all that. 

The midwife was great.  Amazing news: I lost about 2 pounds since my last OB appointment.  I should have gotten pregnant a long time ago, maybe I could've lost the whole 25. 


Anyway, the midwife said there is no need for me to gain 25 pounds since I have, uh, a head start, and she didn't mind me dropping two at all.  The stress of moving and the nausea probably did it to me.  There was no ultrasound but a little Doppler, and after some scary poking around in my belly fat she found the baby's heartbeat and pronounced everything was right as it should be.  I cried. 

My mom is visiting and she went to the birthing center with me, and immediately started trying to persuade me to give birth in the hospital.  She said afterwards that she thought the midwife was "impressive," and so at least she doesn't seem to be worried about her capabilities.   I'm not sure about the hospital / birthing center thing right now, nor do I have to be all set & decided.

I'm still having some nausea but I have longer and longer stretches where it's very minimal.

I still can't believe I'm pregnant even though it's more present all the time. 

I thought I'd be so freaked out to be out of my old city life and in this unfamiliar place and I thought I'd find it so barren here since it's such a small town.

So far, nothing like that.  We're just so happy to be moved and sort of settled.  I feel like I can breathe for the first time in ages.