We're loading the truck next Tuesday and driving out next Wednesday evening.  I am exempt from truck-loading but I'm sure I'll coordinate and run around and work up an equivalent exhaustion.  We have extra bonus stress like a couple of pieces of financing that aren't finalized and sellers who are frustrating. 

Our sellers expected to close and move out a week or two later.  This is typical in our part of Tennessee.  Once we got done sputtering with outrage over that, since it is not done here, we tried to explain.  We are not moving from across town.  We don't have friends we can stay with.  We are coming with a 26 foot truck and a cat, and would have to sit in a hotel for a week, paying thousands to park the truck, driving an extra half hour to the few hotels that allow pets.  We need to close and move in because we are homeless until we do.

Once I explained our different logistics, the sellers didn't budge; the only way we came to agreement was when we discovered that closing means possession in our contract.  To be nice, I offered to close at the end of Thursday and give them until noon Friday to be moved out & cleaned. 

Today I get an email saying they will "try to be out by noon Friday" as a "goal" but "can't guarantee it." 

I sent a smoking hot missive back containing phrases like "absolutely not negotiable" so we'll see.

I am all about coordinating: piano movers, regular movers, 26' trucks, hotels that allow pets, drugs for said pets so they don't yowl every minute of the 10 hour drive, renting our houses here, buying furniture from High Point, North Carolina, trying to calm my husband who is making Eeyore look like a positive, cheerful person and trying to remember all the things that I don't want to forget.

My other job is saying goodbye.  Every day I say goodbye to someone crucial.  It's been very social and very weird.  I am feeling detached and not sobbing.  Yet.  I may be saving all the sobbing up for some moment in the future.  But I'm also thinking that moving away isn't what it used to be.  Visiting is easier, staying in touch is easier and I see a lot of crucial people rarely now; yet they remain crucial. 

I think having a baby is going to change our lives so much that this is a good time to leave.  I don't know which of my single/childless friends will really stick around to deal with me as a mom.  I remember the first time a girlfriend of mine had a baby.  She was so not available or interested in my life, and I didn't understand hers, and I'm not looking forward to that happening again but it definitely will.  At least most of us have some understanding of what having a baby does to our friends, we have seen it before, and won't be surprised by the change.

Turn and face the strange, yes?  not much else I can do.

In other news I am having fewer sick days and more ARE YOU GONNA EAT THAT? days.  Whoooeee I am so crazy hungry.  It's nice after so much nausea but a little scary too.  I'm thankful that I have some good habits after so much dieting, and at least I know to start on something healthy if I'm going to stuff my face.  It also doesn't last all day – or it hasn't yet.  After a meal, I might shut down for the rest of the day and the heartburn / reflux / nausea carnival starts up again.   The books say to eat small meals, and I am: just two or three at the same time.

Last night I noticed that dark line down the middle of my belly, which medicine insists on calling "linea negra" instead of, well, "dark pregnant line thingy."  My husband and I both had the same irrational reaction, which is basically something like, wow, I guess I'm really pregnant.   It takes a while to sink in but I'm sure we'll know it's real eventually.

I'm getting that uneasy feeling that I have after a few weeks without seeing the doctor (more importantly the ultrasound) and should schedule something for the week after next.  New doctor new town new house.  Hopefully same old baby (except bigger).