First of all I did not have my mind right to see the OB because we just saw "The Business of Being Born."  I was already thinking I didn't want a lot of interventions during my birth and the movie really convinced me.  If you're pregnant it's a good movie to see.  If you're still cycling, aren't pregnant but would like to be, it would probably suck to see this movie.  If you've already had all your kids, probably not good to see it either.

It feels really nervy and kind of naive for me to decide I want to have an uncomplicated, possibly natural birth, after all that we went through to get me pregnant.  A lot of us infertiles believe that if something can go wrong with the body, it will, and the phrase "birth plan" sounds like a joke.

But I don't quite feel that way.  I have been careful not to decide that a wonderful pregnancy / birth is what I have earned or "deserve."  It doesn't work that way.  We didn't expect this.  My husband and I continue to be amazed that this pregnancy has been so doubt-free so far with the high betas and no weirdness.  At all.

It's nice that I'm now experiencing a normal pregnancy (so far) and can aspire to a normal – and in the over-medicalized context of American birthing, better-than-normal – birth.  It might not work out, but it is healing that I am even considering it.

Now that I'm all midwife-oriented, I was prepared to hate the backup OB I saw today. 

But he was lovely.  He is the brother of one of my REs, which I didn't know, and proud that his sister shot & scored for us.  We cut to the chase which was the ultrasound, my first belly (non-trans-vaginal) ultrasound ever.  This doctor says everything is "beautiful, perfect, fine," the baby measures right on time for 13 weeks five days, we heard the heartbeat which was 150, and all was well.  The baby looks pretty skeletal but is moving around SO much, it's fun to see that.

I am doing well also; despite the fact that I feel like a Buick, I gained "only" 7 pounds in my first trimester, and my blood pressure is where my BP usually is, on the low side. 

We got a u/s printout but it's pretty vague, so I'm not going to post it.  It was great in real time.  

Edited to add: 39 minutes after I posted my status on Facebook as "pregnant," my pastor got the news and called me, GIDDY with excitement.  My church rocks.