My exile is over!  The painters got done Saturday and after spending the day out yesterday, we came home and I was allowed to come inside.  The fumes weren't bad.  Everything we own was piled in the middle of the floor, which took us a long time to sort out.  When the painters say "Don't worry, we'll move everything," don't let them.  They get even with you for that extra work by putting things in the oddest places and not putting anything back.  It was so nice to be in my own home. 

During the time of my exile my husband did very little, so there were dirty dishes here and there, and a banana left on the dining room table had just about liquified.  GROSS.  That I didn't barf when I discovered that science project is proof that my nausea is on the wane.  We now have fruit flies, which in my history of bad housekeeping I have had before.  UGH.  My husband, also not exactly fastidious in his home hygiene, taught me his fruit fly trick which is to VACUUM THOSE SUCKERS RIGHT UP. 

Two messy people should never be allowed to marry.  Except… I like to think I'm a much neater person on the inside who is just frustrated by circumstances.  Or maybe I'm wisely adapting to my circumstances, which have included various home rehabs and moves and other invitations to chaos.  Maybe a truly, inflexibly neat person would have cracked up by now.

Speaking of fruit flies, one of the things I still can't find is a group of 7 peaches that I left in a brown paper bag on the kitchen counter to ripen.  Those peaches are probably just about perfect, uh, two days ago, but I can't find them anywhere.  Scary.

Long-awaited OB appointment is today.