Warning: happy post to follow.

We had our last ultrasound at my RE’s office today.  I am 9 weeks and one day.  I was nervous, of course; my nausea has been less the last two days.  Same s*** I always worry about.  But Uno was much bigger, shaped like a teeny tiny version of Alien from the movie, and very wiggly!  Heartrate was 176.  I am going to try and scan the u/s pic today on my errands since our home scanner is a worthless paperweight.  It was cute and we could see maybe a hand or foot waving at us and the umbilical cord which I am told is “in a good place.” 

We then sat down with my RE for the last time.  She loaded me up with pregnancy magazines and an extra Rx for more Zofran, so I don’t have to try and beg for a refill from the wilds of North Carolina when we go on vacation.  I don’t have an OB appointment until early August but I’m going to try and not worry during vacation and I might just pull that off.

It was so strange to say goodbye to the ultrasound tech, the nurse practitioners, on such happy terms.  Even the sulky receptionist had a smile for me. 

I have dreamed of this day.

In addition to the joy of another great ultrasound and our general happiness, I get to taper off my meds leading up to next Thursday, the 10-week mark, which happens to be the day we leave for vacation.  This is a good thing since there was an Incident.  On one of my 2-4 bathroom trips per night, I thought I knocked something off the sink and when I got up this morning the little bottle of Es.trace tablets was gone.  I think I knocked it into the toilet and flushed it.  If this doesn’t end up causing a major plumber’s visit we’ll be lucky.

But, hey, whatever.  It’s not the worst thing that could’ve happened today.

I’m sure I’ll still have the “forgotten medication” dream that makes me wake up frantic about what crucial thing I forgot to shoot / swallow / et cetera.  I’ve been having that dream for years.  I’m sure I’ll convert it into a “something I should have done for the baby” dream in a few months’ time.  Nothing is wasted, in the end.

There’s nothing like the post-ultrasound happy glow.  I hope we can make this one last.

(edited to add)  Here’s the u/s pic.  LOL that the tech types in “BABY” in case we forget that’s what’s in there.  Also, on my u/s printouts it always says “Uterus 1” – my husband demanded to know what I had in my other uterus.

Us 9 weeks