Like countless skittish pregnant women before me, I idiotically wished foDSC_0199r more nausea, and a benificent God has granted my wish.  Sigh.  No digestive events have occurred.  Yet. 

I am fighting back.  Dr. Lee showed me the pressure point for nausea – inside of the wrist, three fingers down, and told me to get the Bioband.  I have seen the Bioband before, on the wrist of a pregnant woman who swore by it and on the wrist of a fellow passenger on a cruise many years ago.  He also swore by it. 

While I am waiting for my Bioband to arrive, I am wearing this contraption consisting of an almond duct-taped to my wrist, (note the fashion white duct tape) secured by a rubber band. All I need is a Pauly Bleeker-style wristband to cover it all up.  

It works, I feel considerably less barfy, and as an added bonus my hand hasn't turned black and fallen off yet.