As usual I was a bit of a wreck for today's ultrasound.  My nausea lifted considerably yesterday.  I was grateful, since I was able to get some important things done without 1) wondering when I would puke or 2) constantly putting some kind of ginger product into my face.  But, naturally, I was also very worried about What That Could Mean.

But there it was, today, blinking away: the heartbeat.  It was too blurry to count the heartrate (especially what with the host blubbering and shaking in the stirrups) but everyone was happy to wait to check it next week.  The size is looking right for 6 weeks 4 days.  So all is well.


(edited to add) I saw one of my doctors on the way out of the clinic.  I love my doctors and not just because I'm pregnant.  She said "you look great!" I said "Well, relief does that for a person."  And she told me everything looks great, she doesn't think we're going to have "any problems," and then she congratulated me in a discreet low voice so the other patients wouldn't have to hear it.  Love that.