I was so dreading this ultrasound.  I had to hold back tears just getting on the table.  It's so hard to believe that this thing I've done six times now, the transfer, the blood draws, and now the ultrasound, could have anything but a heartbreaking result. 

But the tech found it right away: one healthy gestational sac with yolk (i.e., baby) inside; it's the right size, it's in the right place, and she could find no stragglers in my (one) fallopian tube or other environs.

I cried and cried with relief.  Of course we loved the idea of twins but a singleton is just fine. 

My scanner (the HP None-in-One, it barely even prints anymore) refuses to work so I can't show you my ultrasound photo. But just imagine the big black circle in the middle of the ultrasound photo with the little teeny white dot in the middle.

That's our baby.

(edited to add) Please, IRL friends, don't tell?  thanks