1) POAS-ing: Just once today – stronger plus sign 

2) weeping: joy

3) weeping: fear

4) weeping: hormones

5) watching "Juno" from a different point of view; weeping again

6) napping (odd)

7) feeling picky, peckish, crappetite and otherwise food-ambivalent

8) complaining about the heat

9) reading other people's early pregnancy entries on blogs

10) feeling guilty that some people still aren't pregnant

11) looking at post-partum bellies here, and scoffing – after losing almost 100 lbs., I look like that NOW

12) reading 1 Samuel 2: weeping some more

13) reading nice comments: weeping more

14) looking up blog entries of my chemical pregnancy from March '07 and wondering if there is still time for me to have a beta of 10

9) craving salt / feeling thirsty

10) drinking tons of water, EVEN THOUGH it may affect my POAS results (but it hasn't)

11) walking to the store in the heat to buy more peesticks

12) worrying about throwing up

13) wishing I were throwing up

14) trying not to tell people

15) looking at first trimester bellies here

16) cackling

17) counting up weeks on the calendar

18) not writing counted-up weeks on the calendar in case I don't get that far

19) feeling redeemed, sanctified, and whole in a way that I never thought possible

20) forgetting things

21) forcing myself to STOP photographing every peestick

22) boring my friends to death explaining the minor difference in detected HcG levels between the FRER and the plus / minus peestick

22) thinking about something else …. not very much.