No, I haven’t been flamed and I’m not going to put up that big lion picture again.  But in honor of NaComMo or whatever the "let’s all comment on blogs a lot" initiative that is now going on, I would like to say that I want to leave comments sometimes and can’t.  This is because some blog platforms require me to sign in, which I may not be able to do, and sometimes I don’t want to.  How many ids and passwords can one aging person hold in her aching head?  No more.  Some blogs require me to be a member to comment.  Some blog platforms are more interested in increasing their own business than they are in allowing your readers to comment. 

So if you want comments, make sure your blog platform is making that possible.  I know, sometimes we want to bar all the anonymouses and the spam, but still.  Even an anony mouse is better than no mouse at all, right?