Dscn0718_3This is one of the trees in the front yard of the house we’re buying in Tennessee.  I think it’s a dogwood.

We’re back from another trip, another U-Haul full of our stuff now lives in TN, and our house is starting to get that echoey, almost empty sound.  We survived the earthquake, a lot of time on the road, questionable food, and the home inspection.

It was hard to leave flowering trees, green everywhere, temps in the 70’s, and the mountains.  Especially to come home to high 50’s and NOISE.  Our building is getting a new roof, which seems to require showers of pebbles and bits of tar and bent nails down our ceiling vents, no parking in our spot (apparently so the roofers can park there), and did I say noise?  At 7 a.m. each day it feels like we’re under attack: pounding, scraping, hammering and God-knows-what-else starts up just overhead. 

We now have construction in stereo as the city is installing new water mains, so in addition to the pounding overhead, we have jackhammers tearing up the street.  Today I was lucky since Little Betty, the least independent cat who ever lived, likes to wake me up at 5:45 a.m. on the first few days after we’ve returned from a trip.  She has highly effective techniques for this like walking on my hair, purring loudly in my ear, and knocking things off the nightstand, one by one.  Just to see if I’m – here? alive? going to feed her again?  So I was already awake when the pounding started.  Ah, city life.  I will not miss it.