It’s snowy but sunny, and as I sit here among the boxes and chaos of our season of moving, my complaints about the weather have a bittersweetness.  It’s our last snowy Easter.

I’m experiencing renewal and resurrection in odd and unexpected ways, in this the ordinary time of my cycling life, and glad of it.  I love the shedding we get to do as we move house.  I find myself thinking of ways I (can be) different when my home is different.  (We’ll see how I do with that.)  I didn’t think a few months’ wait before trying again to get pregnant would be so nourishing but it is.  My hope muscle feels rested, my acceptance much stronger.  I love the way resurrection and renewal show up so stubbornly when I’m convinced they aren’t available to me; I now think it’s not whether they are here, it’s whether or not I notice them.

I wish this kind of R&R to all, whatever your flavor or faith.