Another meme from Niobe...

By the way, I don’t really know what "meme" means, except "list of things to say about yourself."  And I think one gets "tagged" to "do" a meme, which I guess means somebody else out there wants to know those things about you that the meme is meant to extract.  Nobody tagged me, I just felt like posting this.  Post yours if you like.

I don’t get:

1) "Survivor," "Deal or No Deal," "American Idol," or almost every other reality show.  Reality TV is just a little too real for me.

2) to be pregnant in time to have a baby at home at Christmastime.  Again.

3) celebrity news… I used to not care about those people and now that I can’t get away from their faces, I hate them.

4) Hummers.  So, so ugly; so, so expensive.  What is the point?

5) "Moulin Rouge." 

6) Professional wrestling and NASCAR.  Since we are moving to the South soon, this may make it harder for me to assimilate.

7) why most of America gets apostrophes wrong.  (Isn’t that "apostrophe’s," you say?  Sigh.) Was everybody out the day they taught that in elementary school?  They did teach that… didn’t they?  The number of Christmas cards arriving at our home addressed to "The Smith’s" was distressing.  The Smith’s what, I keep wondering, and which of us, since "Smith’s" refers to something possessed by just one of the Smiths.  Of course it is also surprising that we got any Christmas cards, since I haven’t had the heart to send any in ages.  I’m tired of lying cheerfully and I am itching to send the truthful Christmas card or better yet Christmas letter… you know: "Gosh, the time just flies!  Luckily we can keep track by our failed IVFs… It’s so great to see everyone’s Christmas letters and sob over your braggy descriptions of your ever-expanding families… "


I don’t get:

8)  over these losses and failures as quickly as I think I will. 

9) out of bed when I have insomnia.

10) to know why.