Got home Thursday, got to the clinic yesterday.  Finally I am starting estrogen today so this is technically my Day 3.  The Lupron really got to me this week.  Lots of depression, lots of seething rage, lots of tears.  I got through it pretty well. 

Last night I had a weird migraine-ish episode which consisted of about a half hour of migraine aura.  "Aura" for me means strange disturbances in my vision, it feels like I am looking through a window with drops of rain moving across it.  But, no headache, no nausea, just aura which goes away.  Obviously I am incredibly lucky if that is the extent of my migraine.  I had a few when I was a teenager and as an adult have had only one full-on migraine.  This was my third "just aura" in more than ten years.  I had a few Perco.sets I "borrowed" from Mom so I took one just in case.  Mom is quite pharmacological, but since she has a stockpile of the good stuff we know she doesn’t take them just for fun. 

Last year at Thanksgiving I burned the hell out of my hand doing something stupid in the kitchen and she had some of her drug collection with her but they were all jumbled; she gave me what she thought was a Vicodin but it turned out to be a Trazadone which I think is an antidepressant.  Didn’t help.

Anyway, since my period was so damn late my transfer is ten days forward from where I hoped it would be and is now penciled in for January 17th.  Yay.