My doctor just called me to go over the details of my cycle.  This is a little bit more momentous than it sounds.  I thought I’d have to make an appointment and sit down for a big long consult, which I don’t feel like doing and I am sure my insurance company doesn’t feel like paying for.  The PA at my clinic usually "handles" me and passes questions back and forth to the doc, so I figured I could get by on zero face time with her.

But she just called me to check in.  She told me that even though the ectopic pregnancy was a horrible outcome, it was "medically" encouraging.  She also addressed the embryology questions I had but hadn’t yet asked.  The doctor told me the embryologist is "super-strict" about only freezing the best embryos, and therefore she thinks transferring more than 2 is "scary."

How did she know I was considering it?  Except I’m an over-40 infertile facing IVF #5 – who wouldn’t consider it?

I’m officially no longer considering 3 after the other day, anyway.  She also said that if one dies while we’re waiting to transfer, they can just get out another, and that they time the thaw for the very early morning or the night before to allow for this.  And, if necessary, they can re-freeze a thawed embryo.  She says there’s "no long term studies" but that "she’s comfortable with it."  Not a ringing vote of confidence but on the embryology, my lab has delivered beyond expectations so far.  Hopefully it won’t come to that.

She also asked more than once about my mental state, and was generally compassionate and all the things I really like about her.  She agreed to get me a Valium for transfer day, yippee!  We talked about bed rest and she agrees with me that it seems silly.  But I’ll probably do it anyway because one day is fun, and because it makes both Dr. Lee (my acupuncturist) and my husband happy.

I don’t know, maybe I just have really low expectations for my doctors, but for the moment I’m feeling the doctor love.