What a relief.  I was in an absolute tizz about this stupid blood draw.  Didn’t sleep half the night.  Could not shake the idea that my beta levels are like a lead balloon that just won’t rise or act right.  I tried.  I prayed, I knew that we’ll pick ourselves up somehow if this pregnancy tanks, I looked at the very helpful chart at www.babymed.com, that plots my HCG rise confidently above the "average" line.  But what with the hormones and the no sleep I got to my blood draw and collapsed in tears.

What a relief.  I guess I’m really pregnant.  For now, at least.  Please God let me just be pregnant and not get myself into a tizz again too soon. 

My ultrasound appointment is Tuesday at 9 a.m.  We should just see a "sac," I suppose there is still some chance that we’ll see two.  We may see or not see other, bad things at this appointment; I’m going to try really hard to not learn about them in excruciating detail. 

I’m so tired.  But happy.