Thank you for supportive comments.  I am sort of ready for a cliffhanger beta, but feeling a little bit more confident because of the latest:


While squinting at this one…

THIS ONE…Dscn0506 

came up SO fast I ran away from it with a little scream like it was a snake.

FYI I peed on both at the same time, because I am just that talented.

They are Safeway brand +/- (by Inverness) and EPT Certainty Digital, for any peestick geeks out there.  I have been poring over the peestick literature with Talmudic intensity today.  This is partly because my original two-negatives- followed-by-one-positive stick happened to be a brand that measures the lowest HCg you can get, I think; it’s a First Response Early Result, and according to this incredibly helpful website,  the First Response Early Result can possibly detect as little as 6.3 MlUs of HcG.  Which is why I descended to despair when I got negatives from that one on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Problem is, that stick’s HCG sensitivity could be 6.3, or it could be "15-25."  Apparently, it’s a secret.  All the damn HPTs have possibly lowered their HCG levels (you can tell because they all say "test five days sooner!"), so a positive HPT doesn’t mean I’m going to have a beta over 50. 

But at least these came up fast and positive, from not-very-saved-up early afternoon pee.  So I’m very, very encouraged.  I also learned that the beta HcG shows up in the blood sooner than the urine, so the peestick results are a little bit behind the blood test.  This is why I could have had a positive peestick the day before my very low beta last time – as the beta in the blood fell, the urine still had a higher level.

I know you really, really want me to go and get a life now.  I will try; or at least I will go eat, drink and do something else for a while so I can make MORE PEE.