I’m having some little cramps.  And occasional little pulling pains in my groin, when I laugh or sneeze.  And my endometriosis pain is gone. 

These were all present when I got pregnant in March, so I’m feeling optimistic.  Note "optimistic" not "over the moon and sobbing with joy."  The loss of that pregnancy taught me a lot and has really put a short leash on my moods.  Big deal, I keep thinking, I could be pregnant today and lose it tomorrow.   Let’s not get excited yet. 

I did POAS yesterday morning with a negative result.  Not surprising – yesterday was 5 days past my transfer.  A little soon.  I’m not itching to do it again.  Last time I had a positive on day 7, but then a negative two days later, then a positive the day after that.  I went in for my beta feeling confident and then found out my beta was 10.  Ugggh.  That sucked.  So…. I will definitely POAS before my beta, but I’m dreading the POAS roller coaster. 

I can POAS all I want but I don’t have to believe it.  A positive POAS is like a really good date – feels good now, but you can’t exactly count on it tomorrow.  50, 60 good dates in a row is what I needed to finally feel I could trust a man.  Could be why I got married so late. 

Ya think?

Anyway, get excited all you want.  I’m just going to sit here with my arms folded for a few more days.