Some IF women are clinic-hoppers.  I’m not.  While sticking with the same clinic for all of my IVFs, I have been a serial consulter.  I guess that’s like having coffee dates with lots of men and then deciding to stay with the one I’ve got.  I’ve had consults with REs representing each clinic of note in our city.  Yesterday I saw one more and I’m ready to make the switch.

Why pick a new clinic now, when my transfer is tomorrow and the cycle has gone so well so far?  Well, I made the appointment for this consult, oh, four weeks ago when my cycle was NOT going so well.  I’m not going to wait until I’ve had a negative or a miscarriage and am dying to move forward, only to wait weeks for an appointment.  I’m a Plan B person and it gives me relief from stress to have a backup.  I’d love to get pregnant and forget all about Fertility Inc. (the new clinic), just as I’d love to get pregnant and pour $300 worth of Lupron down the drain while singing "Hey hey hey, goodbye!"  Or give it away, or slip it into my sister-in-law’s vodka tonic. 

Just kidding.  She would totally taste it.

Anyway.  I am disgusted with my present clinic because of communication and coordination problems, and I’m open to new approaches if I get one more negative.  I’m also tired of driving to her suburb – it’s a close-in suburb but Fertility Inc. is practically walkable from here.

So: I call it Fertility Inc. because they are huge.  About six REs at my location and several other locations.  Multitudes of nurses, coordinators, lab-coated minions scurrying around.  On-site lab.  Efficient communications & paperwork shuffling so far.  Nice reception staff, so far. 

I usually expect to really like the doctor after a consultation, but my last consult in April with Dr. How-About-Prozac didn’t fit that mold.  That guy was a jerk.  But this doc I did like.  When I told him I was about to transfer in the middle of a promising cycle he didn’t get all "hope for the best" condescending; he said he understood needing a backup plan.  He didn’t heap scorn on my present protocol, but said he thought it was solid.  Of course there are a few things he would tweak, otherwise how to get me to switch? But he was encouraging. 

By the way, Prozac is fabulous and has helped lots of people.  But the way this doc suggested it, as if my depression two weeks after a pregnancy loss was irritatingly crazy, was dismissive and insulting.

Anyway, it would be a stretch for me to go to a male doctor for anything stirrups-y, but he is willing to get me some Valium or something for the speculum days.  Bless his heart. 

This doc offered me a nice middle-of-the-road approach to my endometriosis.  Some docs, notably How-About-Prozac, say the endo is a factor – maybe not a mechanical factor but an autoimmune or chemical one.  Somehow the endo is (might be) causing an inhospitable environment, so HAP suggested the dreaded three-months-of-Lupron deal. 

Strangely enough I am a Lupron fan these days because in about ten extra days on it, my endo shrank to the point where it’s been unpainful.  (where did all my Vicodin, go, then?  And your point is?)  But this nice new doc, who I can’t think of a cute name for yet, thinks that is bogus.  He does, however, think the fibroid might be an issue.  In my earlier consult with How-About-Prozac, I mentioned the fibroid and the endo as part of the same problem and got mightily condescended to and sneered at for my colossal ignorance, so didn’t get much further with him.  Why be nice to / educate patients when you can insult them?  There are only so many hours in the day.

Anyway, Nice New Doc says I should go get that fibroid out if this cycle tanks, and of course he has a guy who is the best laparascopic surgeon on the planet; His Guy can get my fibroid out with a minimum of invasion.  Perhaps through an existing, uh, avenue, if we wanted to go that route?  Which we most emphatically do not.  According to NND, his surgeon buddy is so good that I’ll have shinier hair, sing above a high G and qualify for the Boston Marathon after he’s done with me.

I don’t want another negative.  But I wouldn’t mind finally doing a lap, especially if the doc could promise to keep it a lap and not cut me open.  I can’t wait to hear what’s in there because I think it’s bad.

Meanwhile I’m really encouraged about THIS cycle.  Tomorrow is my transfer and I’m nervous to hear how our eighteen fertilized eggs are doing, but I’m also hopeful.  I feel lucky and blessed.