This from INCIID (International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination):

Egg Donation Threatened by Senate Amendment
Call Your Senator Now to Urge Vote
Against Amendment 3389 from Senator DeMint
Egg Donation Threatened – Please take the time to call your Senator Today!
The Senate is debating the bill to fund all the health programs of the federal government, An amendment has been introduced that would add eggs, embryos and stem cell lines to the National Organ Transplant Act. This would mean that there could be no compensation offered for any of these tissues. Thus, compensation for egg donors would be illegal. As you know this procedure is very invasive and compensation for time and effort, pain etc., is necessary. This amendment would virtually stop egg donation.
Please call your Senator today and tell them if they care about infertility patients they will not include this amendment. Please urge them to vote against amendment 3389 from Senator DeMint to the Labor-H funding bill.
You may reach your Senators through the Capitol Switchboard- 202-224-3121.

FAX them too. Written communication in the form of a FAX can be powerful.
E-mail contact information for your Senators can be found at .
This legislation would make our egg donation look more like it does in UK and Australia – anybody from one of those countries want to comment on availability of donors, how long you have to wait for one, and how much choice you have in donors?