Cycle Day: K0/J0 parked on Lupron awaiting "legal clearance."

Clinic relations: Informal cease-fire seems to be holding

Lawyer Expenses: Rising by the hour

Lupron Threat Level: Fuchsia

Self-Pity Index: 12 (moderate, stay indoors if possible)

Last night’s sleep: shite

Meds: Last night: 10 units of Lupron, 4 Valerian capsules (approximately 27,000 mg resulting in patchy sleep), several swigs of Robitussin expectorant, various items from the Shameful Products Aisle ingested, inserted and applied for relief of digestive discomforts.  Today: more of the same plus baby aspirin, fish oil capsules, vitamin D capsules, a prenatal vitamin as big as my head, a large ibuprofen left over from some root canal just in case anything hurts, everything for a cold and sore throat that looks soothing from Whole Foods, and several gallons of hot tea.

Plans for the day: Black Eyed Pea Patties with Garlic Pepper Salsa, Roasted Plaintains, trip to Whole Foods for more cold medicine, writing projects, tidying up, treadmill workout while watching MI-5 or CSI, paying bills.

Real plans for the day: trip to Whole Foods for more cold medicine, whining.