When I was pregnant back in March I had an ecstatic hormone-and-sugar-fueled moment when I spent an even amount of money at Trader Joe’s and “won” this red box of cookies.  The cookies are long gone – they were actually those “fancy” holiday cookies that are so hydrogenated and nasty that even I could not finish them.  But the pregnancy, the “winning,” the way I felt that day still make a nice memory, even if the pregnancy didn’t last even as long as the cookies.

So now I keep my IVF drugs in the box, and it’s full.  Since the “intimidating pile of IVF drugs” photo is practically a genre in itself I’ll skip it, and just say that the box and I are as ready as we’ll ever be.  After Tuesday’s stress-out, everything clicked neatly into place, including my understanding of said meltdown.  Contract and psych consult are signed & filed, everything is on track, drugs are here.  I have plenty to hope for.

I also have plenty to be grateful for.  My insurance, Cigna, is nasty and unscrupulous in many ways: they deny every other claim to my RE – and I am not exaggerating – for being “out of network.”  Somehow my RE is “in network” on Monday, has left the network on Wednesday, and rejoined it by the following Friday, at least according to the old yellow dog who reads my claim forms.  It’s absolutely ridiculous but I thank God that I have the time and the resources to stay on the phone and get the coverage I’m promised.  Which is, amazingly, $50K for infertility, and since we have to pay out of pocket for lots of extras, we’ll be many tries in before we burn through that.  I may be institutionalized before we use all that up.  They also covered – amazingly – our cryo charge, which nobody ever thought they would; and they covered about 80% of this batch of drugs. 

Ya hoo.  Today’s song is a piece of countrified ear candy from the Wreckers, which is what Michelle Branch and her fabulous voice have been doing.  She’s working with Jessica Harp, whose songwriting, singing, and blondeness bring a lot to the table.  It is, once again, not new, but new to me: “Leave the Pieces.”