You’ve got your football-watching, beer-swilling, wet-towel-dropping husbands, your I’m-not-sure-if-want-kids-after-all husbands, your slept-with-your-best-friend husbands, and yeah that’s bad.  But what’s worse?

A politician husband, for whom you have to stand there looking supportive, while he resigns for allegedly soliciting sex in a restroom.  Yikes!  What could be worse?   The gay thing is bad (trust me) and the politician thing is bad but COME ON.  Maybe it would be easier if he were gay and at least had a boyfriend, like that New Jersey guy.  But coming on to somebody in an airport bathroom?  eeewwwwww  and sure, embarrass your state and yourself but now your wife has to stand there after you have humiliated her?  Mrs. Craig has my deepest sympathy.

Ladies, please turn to your milk-from-the-carton-drinking, no-talking, bathroom-fouling, crucial-grocery-item-forgetting husband and embrace him, take off your clothes and make him a steak, and forgive him that last twelve idiotic things he did, even if they are the same idiotic thing done twelve times in a row.  It can’t be as bad as what Larry Craig has done to his wife.

In "honor" of bad husbands everywhere my song du jour is, yes, that headlight-basher Carrie Underwood with the best "hell hath no fury" song I’ve heard in a while: Before He Cheats.