It’s a slow news day so I will address my tagging from Mrs. Metaphor.

1) I’m supposed to tag 8 bloggers but I am feeling so very shy about this.  I read some popular blogs and they have probably already been tagged.  I have a distinctly junior-high-school approach to the social aspects of blogging, which (evidently) means I know my place.

2) I’m having a very hard time not listing out eight really cool, impressive things about myself.  The fact that this item = me admitting this might actually turn this item into one, by virtue of its impressive humility.

3)   I’ve had one divorce, one actual face-to-face breakup (though he DID do it on the phone), several not-calling-after-a-promising-date-or-two, and a few fadeouts.  Those were with men.  But with female friends I’ve had: you’re-not-cool-enough abrupt breakup (I was the initiator of that one, alas), several vanishing-from-the-face-of-the-earth-without-warning unbreakups complete with not returning phone calls over the space of years, a few group betrayals complete with backstabbing gossip and silent treatment, a few attempted or completed boyfriend thefts, two incidents of "our group doesn’t want you," a few disappointed lesbians (sorry girls), and a couple of fadeouts – one is in process and I’m the one in the rearview mirror.  Phew!  I have met the enemy, ladies, and she is us.  However, I also am in touch with my earliest best friend (first grade), I have reconciliation with about half of the above breakups, and I feel optimistic-if-a-bit-battered about the state of female friendships.

4) I didn’t like Barbies or dolls when I was little.

5)  I can’t maintain a favorite color or genre of music.  Just seem to like it when I see it or hear it.  Except for Schoenberg, Mariah Carey and that hard neon fuchsia and green we liked in the eighties.

6)  I think it’s pretty sad that grown women will shamefully admit "I just wash my face with soap.  I know, that’s the WORST THING for it."  Huh?  Soap is bad?  Why do we accept "skincare" snake oil?  I also shave the hair on my chin & lip, and have been told with a straight face by educated women that this is bad, bad, bad and will make the hair grow back thick and black.  Many women I know are convinced that trimming your hair makes it grow faster.  Why do we discourse eloquently about antioxidants, complex carbohydrates and hormone levels but insist on staying in the dark ages about skin and hair?

7)  I used to drink coffee and converted to tea.  But I make the strongest, bitterest green tea you can imagine, then sweeten and add milk, so I guess I haven’t changed much.

8)  The first time I tried to waterski my family told me not to let go of the rope so I didn’t; after promptly falling off my skis I held on while the boat dragged me underwater, periodically surfacing enough to yell "stop the boat" in a drowned and gargly voice and then getting drug underwater some more before they finally stopped.  I never did let go.  I was about eight.  They thought it was hilarious but I’m surprised I ever tried again.  This is probably a metaphor for most of my life particularly my infertility.