Dscn0103_2This is the orchid my friend A. gave me for graduation.  We have very bad light in this house for indoor plants, and very bad light outside the house for plants too, because we’re in an urban canyon.  As it happens, the orchid likes bright but indirect light and is very happy in the upstairs bathroom, which has a skylight.  It also thrives on the kind of neglect only I can give it, since it likes to be watered about once every two weeks.  When I got it, there were three or four knobs that had not yet bloomed; now all are open.  It’s ironic to me that a plant I would think of as fussy and exotic is about the only green thing I can grow around here.

Isn’t it a beauty?  Thanks, A.!

Dscn0100_2This is my favorite, favorite thing to see when walking around my neighborhood: a BUNNY.  "Seeing a bunny" means more to me than just glimpsing one of the neighborhood critters; it represents a chance encounter with magic and delight.  (Seeing a wiggly puppy is a close second).  I can’t explain it – they just seem too cute for city and alley life.  I only see bunnies in this neighborhood.  When I was up on the far North Side I never saw them, nor did I see them on my frequent early morning workouts in the park.  Seeing a bunny can lift my bad or sad mood and always makes me giggle.  My husband would have them brought in by the truckload if he could.  Even though it’s pretty routine to see them – in the alleys and even small grassy areas in my neighborhood – I get pretty excited every time.  I know the best places to walk, and the best times; but it’s just unpredictable enough to make it even more fun. 

This is my first attempt to photograph one – they run away if you get too close, but they also sit stock still and pretend that you can’t see them, which is good for taking a picture and also really cute.