Well, our two embryos survived the thaw and are now inside me.  My doctor suggested way back in April that they would thaw and then "watch them for awhile," and this morning she told us the embryologist thawed them last night and they have been doing just fine for about 12 hours.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t help picturing a frozen package of hamburger, just thawing away on the kitchen counter, even though in these enlightened times we’re supposed to thaw inside the fridge. 

Anyway, the transfer went well.  The whole thing cracks me up, because if it weren’t for the embryology part, it could be done in the doctor’s office.  I think some clinics have their lab onsite, but my RE’s lab is located at the hospital.  So I have to wear a hospital gown, a showercap-looking thing on my head, get hooked up for blood pressure and get wheeled in to the operating room on a gurney.  My husband has to put on scrubs, showercap and little operating room slippers.  So they’re doing all these hospital-type of things to me for no apparent reason, except (I think) to justify the fact that we’re in an operating room, and probably to jack up the price, which thankfully is covered by my insurance.   

I dosed myself with a Vicodin and a half to make the speculum portion of the festivities go more easily (it only helped a little) but it did get my blood pressure down to an enviable 113/50.

I was feeling sort of brittle about the whole thing, just waiting for a phone call to say that the embryos didn’t make it; but when I asked my doctor if they were "hanging in there," she said they were more than hanging in there, they were looking fine and were at some indeterminate stage of blastocyst-ness (blastocysm?) that means there are "too many cells to count."

So I’m officially hopeful.