In response to your many requests I have replaced the icky walrus penis with this photo of our land.  My husband has been wandering the length and breadth of it as I sit in a chair reading "The Kite Runner," which was a wonderful book.  Today we’re driving down to Maryville, TN, which is where we hope to live when we move here.  We’ll be driving by some houses we think we like.  It’s too soon to look for houses for real, but developing a good case of house lust will help me with the painful year ahead.  Moving is hard and I have only really done it once, so far; I will spend the year freaking out.

This is one view of one of the roads cutting through our overgrown former tree farm, on which we hope to clear some land.  It’s hard to know when we can clear because we don’t know how much we have to spend on trying to make a baby.

The idea that making a baby is supposed to cost nothing except maybe a Barry White CD and some Astroglide is starting to seem ridiculous and naive, which is better than making me bitter all over again.