I could have sworn that at my last consult with my lovely RE (and I mean that, I’m not at the I-hate-my-doctor stage) she said that the FET was very simple, we’d medicate me up to day 12, check for lining along the way and transfer at my convenience.  Not so, evidently; today I find we transfer at day 20, and only when I’ve had all the meds injected, swallowed and shoved in all pertinent orifices for all the days shown on the sheet that says "GEEP PROTOCOL" and not a day before.  And what does GEEP stand for?  Nobody knows. 

So our nice transfer-and-then-go-to-Tennessee plan is out the window; we will have to go to TN in between monitoring appointments, come home, and transfer here; and this worries me.  My body became pregnant in Tennessee, what if it only can achieve that state in that State?  All I do in Illinois is stay unpregnant, or miscarry.   Oh well.  Other people have carried pregnancies to term in Illinois, so I will just hope I can too.