So I think I said that the Lupron probably wasn’t doing much to me except calming my endo.  I kinda left out "and transforming me into a volcano of tearful rage."  Granted, I am working through Anger Issues anyway so who knows, but there seems to be a special Lupron Moment that comes towards the end of the day and it is something there isn’t a Hallmark card for.  I am compiling a list of Things To Do When Angry, but first let’s review Things NOT To Do When Angry: 1) talk to spouse about anything important 2) talk to Mom 3) have any sugar in the house 4) troubleshoot anything computer-related 5) troubleshoot anything.  Things To Do When Angry:

1) Exercise.  Exercise MORE. 

2) Play piano and sing (not an option for all but if you’re a bad singer, go for it anyway, or go for it unaccompanied).

3) Listen to the radio LOUD and sing along.

…These last two are scientifically documented to raise mood, according to my recently-completed Master’s thesis on the health benefits of singing. 

4) Call customer service about something you already have a right to be mad about.  Lucky me, our cable is completely screwed up and despite many technician visits and mysterious "reboots" from the "home office" we still have channels missing – I can call those people every day if I want.

5) Cry.  Cry some more.

6) Violent movies or TV.  This week’s favorite: "The Departed."  So much cursing in Boston accents and shooting people in the head.  Fantastic.

7)  Shopping.  Even though I am at an epic point of fatness and must buy a sad and shameful size, shopping still turns me from a lion into a lamb.

8) Take offensive emails (say, all the ones from human beings), copy into word processing document, type in appropriately detailed sentence-by-sentence responses, including all relevant curse words and personal insults.  Very important: delete the document. 

9) Organize, purge and throw away.

10) Acupuncture.  Strangely enough.  I asked Dr. Lee if she had any special needles for anger and of course she did.  Chinese medicine practitioners have a needle for EVERYTHING and as it turns out, yesterday was almost meltdown-free, and I didn’t get my special Lupron headache either.

11) Rebel.  Find something responsible and appropriate and then DON’T DO IT.  Or, conversely, find something lazy, selfish and mildly self-destructive, and awww yeah.  I’m talking relatively victimless crimes like NOT bringing my own brown bags back to Trader Joe’s and just letting them give me BRAND NEW ones (gasp) or hiring someone else to clean my filthy house for once or sitting here typing this instead of cleaning out my closet.  Watch out, I’m a loose cannon.  And yes, this weekend there WILL be brownies.

12) Pray.  Yeah, yeah, that’s really goody-two-shoes but … it works for me.

Any other good ideas out there?