As if there isn’t enough medical traffic Down There: in today’s NY Times I learn that doctors have removed a woman’s gallbladder by "passing instruments through her vagina" as part of a "broader trend to make surgery less and less invasive."  Huh?  What would make it MORE invasive?

It sort of makes sense on paper except for being COMPLETELY UPSETTING and horrible.  One of the lead physicians of the study says: "Going through a natural orifice… is being excitedly worked on by a whole lot of people.”  Uh… how excitedly?

The doctors acknowledge that the idea was "a bit disturbing at first."  Ya think?  They were inspired to go the hoo-hoo route after seeing a 2004 video of doctors in India taking a patient’s appendix out through her mouth.  Ewwwwww.  The surgery still requires, uh, cutting through the walls of the vagina but this is supposedly better than cutting through abdominal walls because there are fewer nerves. 

I hope you weren’t eating anything when you started reading this.

Men take heart: you too can be part of "NOSCAR" (Natural Orifice Surgery Consortium for Assessment and Research.)  The doctors say they hope to eventually use the technique on men, too, passing instruments (what? A tuba?) down the throat or into the rectum. 

And here you were thinking you’d get through the day without reading the word "rectum."