Last night the White Sox threw a no-hitter.  I had all evening to watch after a head-emptying day of thesis writing.  What did I get to watch?  A screen saying "Please wait – this channel will be available shortly."  Comcast has done a "digital conversion" that so far has converted us from people with crappy cable reception – yeah, I didn’t know there was such a thing either – to people with no cable and no internet.  How am I online posting this now?  you don’t want to know.  After 3 tries to call last night, during which attempts after getting through many different recordings to my final resting place, waiting for "the next available agent", at which point: yes: they hung up on me.  Three times.  Finally to be told I’d have a technician on Friday from, yes, "between 1 and 5." 

I didn’t mind being on house arrest Tuesday for the initial technician visit that brought the cable box, the digital conversion and subsequent nothingness into our home; I had writing to do.  But Friday I need to go and get the thesis copied and bound and maybe blessed by a priest and I don’t want to be on house arrest.  Today when I discovered I had no internet access, and phoned, I didn’t get hung up on but I do get annoyed when companies make me give my account number or my phone number over and over.  What’s the point?  I had to give my phone number four times.  Rant rant rant.

I feel sorry for the people who give one company their cable, their internet and their phone service.  Maybe I can have them provide me with food, water and oxygen too, so that when they have a "service outage" that they’re scratching their heads about, I really will die from it instead of just acting like a big baby.

The only thing that makes me happy right now is watching Pearl say "I want my money!"