As we’re scrambling to pay the astronomical bills from IVF#2, and our house re-fi has hit a snag causing delay in much needed cashflow, and the driver’s side door handle on our one car is now so broken that I have to open the window to open the door from the outside, and that is so ghetto, we learned yesterday that my husband was somehow shorted $9000 in last year’s salary.  Which we will now get in a lump sum, just in time to pay the big fat credit card bill.  Not only did we get through last year without all the money we were supposed to get (no thanks to the sharp-eyed bookkeeping department, i.e., me, who never had a clue), we will now get a bigger-than-we-deserve tax refund since we paid taxes on more than was actually earned. 

Who says God doesn’t provide?  And in the wackiest ways… this one I never would have dreamed up.