My beta is 10.  I am shocked.  I go back on Monday.  I am pregnant – I have been all week – but there is very, very little chance that this is a viable pregnancy.

UPDATE:  There is very little chance (just one “very”, slightly improved) because my progesterone is sort of high, 114 which I think might be an encouraging sign.  But there is also chance that this is ectopic.  Of all the things that could go wrong that one never occurred to me. 

The other good news is I finally found out that we have 2 frosties – the embryos that we didn’t transfer this time were in good enough shape to freeze.  So  I’ll probably be getting ready for FET (frozen embryo transfer) next, unless this is some kind of Cinderella story.

FYI no pregnancy = no lockdown, no password.  Might need that pw in a few months but probably not this week.