Remember the Naked Ovary?  It was one of the first blogs I started reading (after the queen bee blog A Little Pregnant, of course).  Even though the blogger (karen?) was past the infertility part and into her adoption when I started reading, I enjoyed it so much.  She was so darn funny (still is, I guess) and opened my eyes to a lot of adoption issues.  Then boom!  one day I go to see her and there’s a password.  I read here and there that there was some problem with hurtful comments and so she put the password on.  I feel bad that she had to pull the plug and cut herself off from her support, but I get it too.

Because there may be volatile pregnancy info coming up, I’m going to password for a while.  I DO NOT WANT to do this and it’s a long story why I have to.  Nothing nasty like what happened to Karen, above.  Here’s the thing: I don’t want to lose anybody.  So get the password and come along.

All this means is you need to email me for the password at  I will give the password to anyone who asks!  So if you have me on your typelist or your blogroll or whatever you call the list of blogs you like, please just add that you have to send a password request to the above email.  I am not going to refuse anybody, especially the lurkers and the Special Internet Friends who are reading this who I have never met.  If you are somebody who knows me in Real Life (such as it is) please email me for the password too so I know who is out there reading.

Attention lurkers: I won’t harass you over email or disturb your lurker’s privacy… just please feel free to ask for the password if you want to keep reading and I’ll forget I ever heard from you.

Finally: this is only temporary.  Days, maybe a few weeks, then back to open access.  Thanks for your patience.