My acupuncturist did NOT take my pulse today, probably because (duh) the progesterone might mimic the pregnancy pulse and fool her like it could be fooling me.  My highly suggestive symptoms are: weird light cramping, often triggered by movement, that started last Thursday and is fading away today.  (I just fixed this, earlier it said "weird light camping", is that like putting your tent up in the Whole Foods parking lot or something?  LOL)  Also my endometriosis pain vanished last Thursday – I generally have gas / stomachache pain from the endo almost every day, often in the middle of the night because it kicks up when my stomach is empty.  Middle of the night is evidently the only time that I stop eating for any length of time.  Anyway, the two doctors I saw before deciding to do DE told me that painful endo tissue shrinks in 2/3 of pregnancies.  What about the other third, I asked, knowing that statistics are not always my friend, and the docs both kinda shrugged and said "there are medications you can take for the pain while pregnant."  Fabulous!  Pass the thalidomide! 

Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of immunosuppression which means that an autoimmune disorder like endo can quiet down.  "Best thing for endometriosis is to get pregnant!" I was told, helpfully, by a thoughtless thick-headed gentleman friend.  This after I told him we could not get pregnant, partly BECAUSE of the endo.  Followed by injunctions to "stay in bed on Saturday morning and practice, practice!"  Yeeeesh. 

Anyway: my endo pain is gone and I’m happy to say I don’t have a clue where my Tylenol bottle is.  Other symptoms, highly subjective, are a verry little bit of urpiness and heartburn and feeling weird about food – this last is very telling since food is the love of my life.  But, highly subjective: I can manufacture nausea when I need to, and this week, I need to.  There is weirdness throughout my body, but it’s all the progesterone probably; my skin is almost oily instead of being dry like it usually is.  My breasts are tender, I’m not giving that one much weight (though the boobs themselves feel like they weigh a ton) because I’ve had that from progesterone before. 

So there you have it.  No answers but reason to hope, and hope has come out like the perky little birds that are hopping along my garden wall today in the very hope-inducing sunshiny weather we’ve got.  Happy, hoppy hopeful birthday to me.